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Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Even Cats Have Love, How is Human? | Video

Love is a kind of pure stuff. Love does not hurt anyone. Otherwise, love makes it better. With love we see the world in beautiful way, we got friends, we got hope, and many more. People may do anything for the lovely one. People will sacrifice him self to save his love. Even animal has a Love. We may see through this video.

In this video, you may see a cat try to do a hearth massage. His friend was dying and he tried to save him. What a pity pussy. Even a cat has love in their hearth. We may never see a cat crying. Maybe they do that in different ways. But I know, this cat feel so sad. He keep trying to wake up his died friend, till finally he realize he was gone.

Show love in your live. Because there will be no live if there is no love. We are social. We need someone who loves us, and we also need someone to love. I don't know my world is if I have no love around. Lonely, sad, spiritless, hopeless and useless. Tell your friends that you love them. Not in speak, but in act. Because love is not only about how you say this word, it's about how you feel deep inside which make you do something. 

Like a mother who loves her son so much. She would do anything for her lovely child. I have mother who always take care of me. She is the strongest woman I ever see. She never let me down. Her smile gives me a live. Her hug calm me down. I really love her than anything. I learn many thing from her. Learn to respect people as I want to be respected, learn how to behave well, learn to CHANGE THE WOLRD to be a better place to live in. She is my hero. 

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