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Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

ICS 4.0 by Dragon459 | S60V5 Themes

Ok guys. Another theme is ready to be reviewed now. It was made by Dragon459. I have no idea what the numbers mean, but we are not going yo talk about that. We are about to review his theme. It is ICS 4.0. This theme has no background or black colored background. It is suit to anyone who like simple theme. Here it is.

The plus point of this theme is the Icons. This icon was made by ace hp7 v3. I never see this kind of icon before. With green basic color, and some android picture, make it looks something for me and maybe for you too. Then, we conduct icon test on this theme by installing additional applications, those are TTpod, Gravity, UC Browser, and Garmin. Unfortunately, this theme just can handle TTPod. Not so bad actually.

Now the judgement. All  in all this theme is a simple theme with an attractive icon set. If you are not about to place additional application on the homescreen or the menu, you have no worries about the not-full icon. This theme deserve 7/10 score from Deby's Blog Review Team.  

Download ICS 4.0 by Dragon459 | S60V5 Themes

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