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Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

Patches for S60V5 System | Symbian Tips n' Trick

Hello guys. I know what do you feel when you try to apply some tips or trick on your Symbian gadget, and realize it did not work. I was confuse about it. What the h**k is this! What is going on?! I believe you experience that or have another expression. But do not worry, because it is about to be solved now. All you need is an application an some patches. Let's just start it anyway.

On this moment, I will not explain the function of the patches because it needs more time. I will just share to you, and maybe you can find the explanation of the patch in other place or I will explain it later (I hope so). To apply this patches, you need ROM Patcher application. I will provide the link next time. This application will inject the patch into the system. It is more like an injection, and the patch is the cure. You will need it. 

In this rar file, you will have 9 patches. Those are:
  1. c2z.rmp
  3. Install Everything.rmp
  4. Install Server RP+.rmp
  5. No battery, signal and indicators.rmp
  6. NoBuiltinError.rmp
  7. Open4All RP+.rmp
  8. Patch Open4All.rmp
  9. show hided D drive by Vova1609.rmp

Do not forget to extract the patches into E:\Patches folder. This is the places of all patches. Please type it right. Okay. Now here it is the patch.

Download Patches for S60V5 System | Symbian Tips n' Trick

Have a nice try and do not forget to say something (^_^)

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