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Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

TTPod 5.0 translated by Flaiitytoh | S60V5 Application

Well, after so many times update about S60V5 themes, this time is the applications turn. Today, Deby's Blog  Review Team will take a little test on TTPod 5.0 translated by Flaiilytoh. Such a weird name for me. If you don't know what is TTPod, it's a kind of music player. There are many tools that nokia music player don't has. For example sleep mode for stop countdown, shaking mode for changing the song, skin mode if you want to have a different music player interface, and many more. Here is the screenshot.

Sometimes, when I try another translated TTPod, I reliazed that the translation is bad. I wonder if I could edit the language by my self, I believe I can fix it. But unfortunately I sill have to learn to edit the language. Sometime I post my own translated TTPod. And this time, this TTPod 5 is the best translation I ever try. 

So, based on the review, Deby's Blog review team give 8/10 for this application. Real nice. And please be welcome to try it by your own.

Download TTPod 5.0 by Flaiitytoh | S60V5 Application

Have a nice try and please tell me if you got something.

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